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WSTNR20113: Japanese Coral, White Gold 750 WSTNR20114: Aquamarine, White Gold 750 WSTNR20115: Citrine, Yellow Gold 750 WSTNR20116: White Mother of Pearl, Rose Gold
WSTNR20117: Citrine, Tourmaline, Pearl, Yellow Gold WSTNR20118: Tourmaline, Diamond, White Gold 750 WSTNR20119: Rose Gold 750 with two connecting pieces - Mandarin Garnet and Palladium White Gold 750 WSTNR20120: Quartz, Yellow Gold
WSTNR20121: Smoky Quartz, Yellow Gold WSTNR20122: Dark Mother of Pearl, Diamonds, White Gold WSTNR20123: Rock Crystal, Rose Gold 750 WSTNR20124: Tourmaline, Citrine, Amethyst, White Gold
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